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In this issue:


Health For All


Environmental Deterioration and Its Impact on Health
Popular article on health and the state of the environment

Some Public Health Issues
Extracts from a forthcoming medical sociology book

Elsewhere ....

Adverse Climate Change (Global Warming)
12 Pressure Points

Global Health Watch
The Alternative World Health Report

People's Health Movement
Joining Together to Promote health

Medicins Sans Frontieres
Also known in English as Doctors Without Borders

The Environment and Health
More Threats to health

Clean Water for All
Water Haves and Have Nots

Medical Migration in the Asia-Pacific Region
Brain Drain of Health Care Workers

High Prices of Medical Drugs
The Need for Affordable Drugs in Developing Countries

Adverse Climate Change ("Global Warming")
Recent Report from Britain

An Inconvenient Truth
Al Gore's Documentary on Global Warming

Discussion on Two Recent Reports on the Environment
From U.S. Public Television

Silent Killers in Former War Zones
Let's Ban All These Weapons!

The War in Iraq
Lessons from Another Disastrous Military Intervention in a Third World Country

Discovering Your Roots
Black, White, Yellow, Brown, Green, Purple ... We're All the Same


Improbable Research 2006 Winners
Research Can Be Fun, Right?

Company Songs
Song and Dance

Bush I and Bush II
A Family Affair