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In this issue:


"There are already enough of us. But without action, nothing is going to happen" Cesar Chavez (Mexican-American activist)


The Demands of Bersih 3.0

Original demands
* Clean up the electoral roll
* Reform of the existing postal ballot system
* Use of indelible ink
* Minimum 21 days for the General Election campaign
* Free and fair access to mass media for all parties
* Strengthening of public institutions
* No corruption
* No dirty politics

Additional demands
* Resignation of the existing Electoral Commission
* Implementation of the original 8 demands before the Malaysian 13th General Election
* Monitoring of the 13th General Election by international observers


Video: Global Bersih 3.0
Overseas Malaysians and supporters demonstrate in solidarity with Bersih 3.0 ("bersih" means "clean" i.e. the people's demand for clean and fair elections)

Video: Bersih 3.0 in Kuala Lumpur
Power to the People: Ordinary Malaysians march for clean and fair elections

Video: The State Responds with Force and Repression in the Form of a "Police Riot"
When the "ideological state apparatus" fails, the State resorts to the use of the "repressive state apparatus". French intellectual Louis Althusser uses the first phrase to describe the propaganda machinery of the State and the second phrase to describe the State's agents of repression against popular, democratic dissent

Video: Manipulation of the News Continues in the Internet Age (!)
Old habits die hard

Video: Ambiga's Post-Bersih 3.0 Comments
The Malaysian middle class wakes up

Elsewhere ....

Racism: A History
Note especially Part Two: Scientific racism, the eugenics of Social Darwinism

Irving Fisher and Eugenics
Intellectuals, scientific racism and Nazi ideology

Neofascism versus Social Democracy in Malaysia?
Malaysia: heading towards the First World or the Fourth World (of failed states and collapsed states)?

Road to Malaysia's Day of Destiny
Analysis by political scientist Bridget Welsh

The Ongoing Lynas Rare Earth Extraction Plant Controversy
Clean Government = Clean Environment

Health Hazards Posed by Thorium
From the New Jersey (USA) public health authorities

Video: We Are the World, Stop Lynas!
Malaysian youths demand "Stop Lynas!"

Harvard University Students Demand Balance in the Teaching of Introductory Economics
Positive economics?


Hitler "Goes Ballistic" Over Lynas
You Tube parody

Semi-crazed Autocrats and Dictators
Now what about those who do their bidding?