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Two obituaries on paleontologist/evolutionary biologist Stephen Jay Gould below


Opposing Ariel Sharon
Standing up for humanity and decency in Israel and Palestine

Article on Managed Care in the USA
This article was originally accepted for publication in an official periodical of the Malaysian Medical Association. However, it was later rejected for some curious reason.

Elsewhere ....

A to Z of the Malaysian Environment
From Sahabat Alam Malaysia

Joe Stiglitz
They just can't silence him!

North Koreans in South Korea
Culture shock

Race Relations in UK
Black British, White British, Yellow British

The Keyboard Campus
Critique of David Noble's critique

Obituary of Stephen Jay Gould (I)
From the mainstream American press (New York Times)

Obituary of Stephen Jay Gould (II)
Continuation of New York Times article

Obituary of Stephen Jay Gould (III)
From the radical American press (Socialist Workers Party - a Trotskyite group)

Great Feuds in Medicine
From the Journal of the American Medical Association

Scientific Fraud (I)
Short article

Scientific Fraud (II)
Long article


Fei Chai
Being fat is no laughing matter