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Three articles below on John Nash's "Beautiful Mind": Nobel Prize in Economic Science, 1994


Political Satire in Malaysia
George Orwell they ain't

Yee Sang and the Fortune Cookie
The "Invention of Tradition"

Elsewhere ....

Al Qaida as another Death Cult
Interesting analysis from Le Monde Diplomatique (article in English)

Lost Art
Destruction of works of art in the World Trade Center terrorist attack

Why We Protest
Why activists are protesting against IMF and World Bank policies

The World Social Forum
And why not?

The War Against Women
Let's hope she is not correct!

A Beautiful Mind (Movie on Nobel Laureate for Economics John Nash)
Movie Review by Roger Ebert

Mental Disorder and Mathematics
Biography of John Nash

John Nash on John Nash
Autobiographical statement by John Nash

Glenn Loury's About Face
His intellectual odyssey (from the New York Times Magazine, Jan 20, 2002)

Why the West?
Scholarly debate over the Rise of the West

Public Intellectuals
A dying breed?

Jihad vs McWorld 2
A right-wing view

Malaysia, Inc.
The selection and deselection of Malaysian Captains of Industry (from Business Times, Singapore)


Singapore's director-actor Jack Neo: He sure ain't stupid
We need a Malaysian equivalent (from the Singapore Straits Times)

Instant Noodle Generation
We have the Malaysian equivalent! (from the Singapore Straits Times)

Accidental Genius
Unintended uses

* INTERESTING/AMUSING TRIVIA: James Morris Whiton received his PhD from Yale University in 1861. His PhD dissertation, written in Latin, was only 6 pages long! (Washington Post, 18 March, 2002)