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Articles (Volume Two, Number One: Jan - March, 2001)

An Introduction to World Music or Worldbeat Music
Why listen only to the usual pop music and Western classical music?
There is a fantastic wealth of musical treasure out there!

Religion and Gender Awareness
Important topic indeed

Confronting Myths Both Local and Global
Interview with Sivaraksa

The MPAJA: Facts Known Half a Century Later
Did you know there were 200 Japanese in the MCP/MPAJA?
Prof Hara Fujio gives us these startling facts.

Changing America, Changing the World
The enduring legacy of the American "New Left"

"Secularism" and the Islamic World
As Emile Durkheim wrote on the "Sacred and the Profane" many moons ago ....

Between Ringgit and Wira
On voting patterns in Malaysia

Book Excerpt: What's Ahead for Malaysia? Current Challenges and Emerging Trends
Chapter on "Population and Health" from a popular book which I am writing. The aim of this book is to spread social science knowledge to the Malaysian public. Comments are welcome

Elsewhere ......

The Dark World of Park Dietz
Morbid but fascinating article on Johns Hopkins forensic psychiatrist Dr Park Dietz

Vive le Difference French feminist intellectual Simone de Beauvoir's "The Second Sex" 50 years later.

Whiz Kids So ... do you think that your kid is a Genius?

The 2000 Conference of the American Economic Association
James Galbraith comments on the last AEA Conference

The Matrix
On life in the Singapore Matrix


Literary Brilliance Actual requests made at the Reference Desk.

King of the Cubicle An interview with Dilbert's creator Scott Adams