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Articles (Volume Two, Number Two: April - June, 2001)

The ABCs of Malaysia
A Malaysian Alphabet Soup

Politics and Islamization in Malaysia
Political scientist Dr Claudia Derichs comments

US Union-Busting in Contemporary Malaysia
They do it there and they also do it here

Biographical details on Nik Aziz Nik Mat
Dr Farish Noor on Nik Aziz

The Changing Family, How Will this Affect Our Health?
More singles, more cohabitation, families spread all over the world, rising divorce rates etc.

Religious extremism in India
Big lessons for multicultural Malaysia

Religious extremism in Malaysia
Article speaks for itself

Major Ethical Scandal in Anthropology
Yanomamo - the "Fierce People"?

Elsewhere ......

Crescent and the Tricolor
On Muslims in France

Amartya Sen
Nobel Prize Laureate (Economics, 1998) rethinks the meaning of "economic development"

Another discussion of Amartya Sen's thought
by James North

Counterfeiting with Computers
Or .... printing your own money!

Money and the Battle of Ideas:
1. Conservative Think Tanks

2. Conservative books

Teaching in Multicultural Singapore
There's also Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

American Political Science Association Meeting
A report on papers delivered


The Germ Man
Aargh! Nasty beasties everywhere